Rising Star

Healing the Mind, Body, and Spirit

gridThe Masters have said that the rising star healing system is massively powerful and sacred. In fact this healing system is seen by the Hierarchy of Light as “the greatest gift to come to humanity in the new age.” It is an ascension on all levels not just for the spirit and soul, but also the physical, cells, skin, bones, blood and all the rest. This healing system actually has enormous significance to the planet, with the potential to bring about Unity and profound Planetary shifts.
Through this new Healing System, you will:

  • Remove misqualified or negative energies from the seven charkas and seven body systems.
  • Activate up to 36 strands of DNA
  • Gain access to you Fifth Dimensional Light Body.
  • Connect with your Highest Consciousness.
  • Open your fourth eye – the Masters eye
  • Rejuvenate your body on all levels within 1 week.
  • Begin an ascension process on all levels.
  • Help create Unity Consciousness among Humanity.

One session initiates at least a week-long intensive healing for you. You may feel the different levels of yourself being worked on at different times during the week- physical, emotional, etheric, soul, spiritual. The long term healing effects of a single session last for 21 months. After 21 months you may find that you are a totally different person. It has be suggested by the Masters, that 3 sessions be done 3 weeks apart.
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